Proposal Overview and Criteria



Proposals are due November 15, 2020 for 2021 awards to be announced in early January with immediate funding to follow. Up to two proposals per institution will be considered, in the range of $1500-3500 per project budget. Proposals must be officially submitted through the college office of grant and foundation relations. Not more than one award will be made per institution each year. Submit full proposals to

Proposal Content

Proposals should include a narrative, budget, CVs of key staff, and other relevant appendices. The narrative section should be no longer than 15 pages (double spaced). College matching funds are encouraged and should be listed in the budget. Awards will not cover travel, food, or equipment costs. 

Proposal Criteria

The following narrative sections should be included, with consideration to the allotted scoring points (100 total):

Background (25 points) - context of need for the project; research and institutional activities that have lead to this point; project purpose; emphasize how this project is innovative

Project Design (30 points) - describe the proposed project in detail; include expected key activities and milestones 

Implementation Plan (25 points) - include a project timeline; identify staff persons responsible for key implementation components and their qualifications

Monitoring and Evaluation (10 points) - describe planned efforts to monitor project progress, feedback loops, and changing direction if needed; if formal evaluation is planned, describe details

Sustainability and Next Steps (10 points) - describe current thoughts about next steps following the project, including additional external funding or institutional sustainability and dissemination of the project or project findings as applicable


All submissions and questions should be directed to: