Past Awards

Awards by Year


Macalester, Entrepreneurship Program and Department of Multicultural Life: Developing a brief video curriculum to build work entrepreneurial skills and understanding among college students.

Hamline, English Department: Using mini-robotics to build interest and play in college student learning across disciplines.


Macalester, Library Department:  An online, living open textbook approach (Open Educational Resource) for faculty in teaching college students.

Hamline, Mathematics Department: A curriculum to address math anxiety in college students through experiential teaching to public school students.


Hamline, Community Sustainability Department: Developing community collaborative food-learning field guides. 


Macalester, Student Affairs:  Training and programs in support of undocumented college students. 

Hamline, Education: Developing an online internship seminar curriculum program.

Gustavus, Student Affairs:  Developing the student bounce resiliency program.


Gustavus, Library Department:  Determining key threshold search terms for college students.


Gustavus, Nursing Department:  Enhancing the summer nursing institute through research.

Hamline, Student Affairs:  The green dot campus violence prevention program.


Gustavus, Student Affairs: Peer-based group health coaching.

Macalester, Student Affairs:  Sustainable student wellness. 

Hamline, Alumni Office:  Hamline heritage campus tour.